About me

I grew up in the the small city of Barrie, Ontario. I went to the University of Waterloo for Computer engineering, a co-op program. While I was in school I did 8 co-ops (or internships) at various companies like FarmlogsCarrot, and Universe. I also did a bunch of traveling with Hacker Paradise. I got the opportunity to live in Portugal and Peru for multiple months.

In 2016 I co-founded Kopa with Jack and Courtney. It was originally called PadPiper. We founded it on the belief that there is a better way to rent. Housing is such an important piece of our lives, yet it is one of the most stressful to acquire. We built Kopa to be the most streamlined process for renting a home, from searching to paying and moving in. Kopa went through YCombinator in Winter 2019 and has since expanded to over 300 cities in the United States and helped thousands of people find homes. In August 2020 I stepped back from Kopa to work on other things.

Currently, I am on the engineering team at On Deck, I'm a Network Leader at Village Global and I scout for Shaan Puri's fund.

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